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Zu-Alhijjah 1432

in the name of Allah

May peace be upon you;

my face is on fire, can’t tell though; is it because i was laughing too hard to conceal my frustrated, grieving heart shrieks; cause it’s a given, i’m never that jealous.

or is it because i’m too angry & this stupid stupid headache is a result from overflowing torrent of blood which rushed straight to my simpleton brain, never forgetting colouring my face in the process.

If you’re going to promise me the moon, you must live up to it; cause i hate broken promises the most. & if you won’t then please just walk away; hurry off somewhere not so far yet not too close.

Choose for me; since 12 years ago i’m making my own choices; it’s too exhausting i want you this time to choose for both of us, only if you truly can promise me the moon & never break it.

I’ve a lot of stupid Qs,

- are you ready for a tease.

\ I have one for you as well, whom should start angering the other?

- Uhmm Of Course you! after i anger you, you’ll be so angry that you may die of a broken heart.

\ dream on ~~

- i was having my reading-newspapers routine in this public transport, when a young lady

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ولا تحسبن الله غافلا عما يعمل الظالمون
And do not think that Allah is unaware of what the oppressors do

Surat Ibrāhim.

I dedicate this ayah to my noble mother in filistin, to my beautiful sister in Soriyah, to my beloved father in Afghanistan, to my little brother in Iraq, to every oppressed member of this ummah. Alā inna nasrallahi qarib. Stay steadfast to the dēen, for wallahi your reward is great.

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           GERMANY 1940                                   ISRAEL 2014

May the zionists be the firewood of hell Ya Allah

Amen, and all their allies and defenders.

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“Ibn taymiyyah: scholars agree that Jihad is better than hajj & ‘Umrah, than voluntary prayers & voluntary fasting,as Qur’an &Sunnah indicate.”

Shawwal 1435


Dear lost friend ,

I don’t know.

I can’t figure you out..still. I should have not shot for the moon..should I? Nah I know better.

It’s ludicrous!

I wish I had the courage to ask you why. I thought you had the courage in you to tell me “why” before I even ask. Now we both play dumb.

I have a broken eye, lol I’m exhausted and you do not wish to know.

every time I think about this whole situation, I feel offended, dumb, and left out.

Should we not make peace? so I could move on, leave it all behind, and cease adding you to my accumulating failed relationships?

I’m sleepy.

Good Morning to you too.

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